Summer, like winter, is a time for being bold – but in totally different ways. The burgundy lips that looked so de mode come late December are better off replaced with a honeysuckle stain once we enter the month of June, and as with all lip colors, there are ways to temper the rest of your makeup to match the dreamy season.

According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, bold brows should in no way be scrapped for the summertime, but it is recommended to make them look a bit less harsh.

“Use powder for a softer look, and don’t be afraid to blend more than one color into your brows,” McGrath told “Brow hair is not one flat color – that’s what makes it look inauthentic.”

When swapping out your makeup palette, don’t forget to include your foundation as well. Your skin is generally one to two shades darker in the summer, so don’t skimp on buying an updated product – think tinted moisturizer, not heavy pancake makeup!

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