Bringing your oils, acrylics and canvases with you to the beach this summer is always a must-do activity, but even those of you who can’t draw a stick figure to save your lives won’t want to miss out on the newest nail trends that are cropping up on the style scene this season.

Whether you’re simply going for a two-tone look or doing a slightly brighter take on the classic French manicure, there are loads of opportunities to make a real statement with your manicure. On the most basic level, they could involve painting your fourth finger a contrasting shade from the rest or swapping out white tips for cherry red or black (the latter idea is making huge waves this summer). On the slightly more complex side of things, you can create fun pointillated nails by layering dots of different colors atop each other.

Either way you spin it, go for hi-fi, glossy looks that are sure to pop on the boardwalk, beach or block by block.

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