It turns out summer actually isn’t an ideal time to do a root touch-up. According to, the harsh effects of dyes tend to be exacerbated by the drying sun, and a too-fresh dye job can change colors if you hit the beach too sun. Also keeping in mind that there’s nothing more stylish at the moment than an ombre dye job (grown-in dark roots, for the uninitiated), here’s some of the best things to treat your hair to instead of a dye job this summer.

1. Lots and lots of conditioner. There’s no better style fix than shiny, moisturized locks, so do pile on the sleek stuff. Curly-haired gals will benefit even more from a leave-in conditioner that easily doubles as a styling product for those humid days and nights.

2. A specialized hair serum or masque. Rather than subject your hair to more damage this summer, why not work to restore it back to health? A specalized treatment can be used on a weekly basis to target your specific hair-type and do some extra heavy lifting when it comes to your tresses.

3. A fun hair accessory. Head scarves, shiny pins, statement barettes, fascinators and even clip-in flowers are all excellent ways to make a statement this summer. Plus, they’re just as easy to take out as they are to put on, so you won’t have to worry about any lasting consequences where these items are concerned.

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