It’s no secret that guys prefer gals who wear less makeup. For them, bold lipstick and eyeshadow is just a cover-up that conceals our natural beauty. However, most ladies balk at the idea of going makeup-free for a date, especially on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, The Beauty Department has a few sneaky tips for faking the au-naturel look.

Instead of foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. You’ll get coverage without looking like you’re trying to hide any blemishes – and there won’t be any caking.

For cheeks, use a cream blush that mimics the color you naturally get when you’re flushed. A peachy-pink formula is your best bet. Just be sure to blend evenly.

On your eyes, skip the eyeshadow and choose a soft kohl liner. Apply it as close to your lash line as possible. Finish off with a coat of mascara, combing through after they’re dry for a soft, feathery effect.

Finally, skip the lipstick and choose a lip stain or a tinted lip balm instead. Your date won’t have to worry about any color rubbing off on him if he goes in for a smooch!

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