If you’re still using your fingers to apply your makeup, it’s time for an upgrade. Brushes can help you blend products much better, ensuring an even application. They can even help you avoid breakouts, since you won’t be transferring oil and grime to your face from your fingers. Here are a few brushes to add to your collection, according to Allure magazine.

1. A concealer brush. These flat, angled brushes work well to get into the crevices of blemishes so you get even, believable coverage. Try any of these Concealer Brush.

2. A small powder brush. “You’ll be able to dust powder on just the T-zone, so you don’t end up looking matte everywhere,” makeup artist Quinn Murphy told Allure.

3. An eyeshadow brush. One that’s soft and flat is great for blending and will help you get the shadow exactly where you want it. Eye Shader Brushes are a good choice.

4. An eyeliner brush. Small and pointy, these are great for ensuring a perfect application because they’re easy to control. You won’t have to worry about getting the perfect cat-eyed look ever again!

5. A fluffy blush brush. Rounded shapes will give you the perfect blended color that’s not obvious.

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