In the summer, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with hot weather – especially when you’re trying to look cute! Add bangs to that ordeal and you’re likely looking at hair that’s plastered to your forehead with sweat. Is there anything less appealing? If you’re trying to find ways to get your bangs off of your face without having to give up style, try one of these three easy fixes.

1. Pull them off to the side. There’s nothing simpler than blowdrying your hair down, then parting it on the side, using Hamadi – Shea Spray for extra shine. All you have to do after that is gather up the section of bangs, pull them over to the side and pin them in place using two bobby pins crossed in an X-shape.

2. Braid them. If you have long sideswept bangs, you should be able to make a braid out of them. Just divide them into three sections, then braid them along your hairline, taking extra pieces from the side so it’s secured. Tie a small elastic around the end behind your ear.

3. Twist them. Twists are easier to create than braids, but you’ll likely need a strong hairspray if your bangs are short. Mist a bit onto your bangs before you start twisting, then just separate into two sections and twist along your hairline. Spray again after pinning the ends.