While beauty trends can be embraced and interpreted by women of all ethnicities, makeup application techniques may vary depending on the color of your complexion. According to makeup artist Sam Fine, gals with darker skin should invest in bronzer, a cream concealer and pressed powder.

“Bronzer isn’t a trend, it’s something every woman needs, even if you already have color!” Fine told StyleList.com. Sweeping a matte bronzer around the face and underneath the cheekbones will slim your face and highlight your bone structure.

While sheer concealers may work on lighter skin, darker complexions require a thicker formula. “The more coverage you have in a product, the less you’ll need to use,” Fine told the news source. “Using a higher coverage concealer will actually end up looking more natural than caking up layers of a sheerer concealer.”

Because women with darker skin typically have brown or black-colored brows, a dark-colored pencil is necessary to fill in sparse arches. To keep drawn-on lines from looking too bold and unnatural, Fine suggests tempering down the pencil with a pressed powder that matches your skin tone.

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