Even if you’re a pro when it comes to plucking and shaping your brows, you might not have perfectly filled-in arches. After all, you don’t have control over where those little hairs grow (or don’t grow)! But getting the brows you long for isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, it only takes three steps!

1. Outline with brow pencil. Use a brow pencil like BABOR – Maxi Definition Eye Brow Pencil and a straight-edged object to outline the general shape of your brows. The Beauty Department recommends holding the straight edge against all of the sides that make up your brows, then using the liner to trace the edges.

2. Fill in with powder. Now that you have a good shape to work with, shade it in with brow powder, like being TRUE – Brow Definer. Use short strokes in the direction of your brow hairs so it looks as natural as possible.

3. Set with brow gel. Once your brows are outlined and filled in, you can set them with brow gel to ensure that they stay put all day and night. Brush the hairs upward and out for a flattering effect.

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