Whether you just got home from work or you spent the evening partying it up with your best friends at a hotspot in the city, chances are you’ve got mascara, foundation and other leftover cosmetics still lingering on your visage.

Before you hit the sheets, it’s important to remove your makeup – but did you know that there’s more to it than simply splashing water on your face? Consider these three facts the next time you’re scrubbing your cosmetics away.

1. Each day, your face gets covered by debris. Whether you spend the day outside or just go out your door to grab the paper, your face is greeted with a hailstorm of pollutants each and every day. Between dirt, grime and your cosmetics, your skin can start to feel the pressure in a major way. A granule-free exfoliant can remove dead skin cells on the surface and leave your face feeling softer.

2. Bacteria and fungi live in cosmetics. It’s kind of weird to think about, but bacteria – and yes, even fungi – infiltrate your beauty products on a regular basis. Mascara and even skin care creams are susceptible to this, so be check the expiration dates on all your products before you use them.

3. Leftover cosmetics can lead to infections. Sometimes, it’s tempting to just hit the hay after a long day out and leave the work of removing makeup for the morning. But did you know that unremoved cosmetics – especially in the sensitive areas around your eyes – can lead to infections? To prevent this, make time every night to remove your makeup with a gentle, oil-free product designed to get rid of even the toughest cosmetics around your peepers.

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