Given Natalie Portman’s plight in Black Swan, not all of us necessarily want to embrace ballerina perfection, but there are ways to borrow chic style tips from the world of dance without driving yourself crazy in the process.

For ballerina-worthy skin, hair and makeup, here are just a few ideas to get warmed up.

1. Fake the ultra-toned look of a full-time dancer with a firming cream or lotion. It’s a good idea to keep skin moisturized, as dancers are constantly sweating to begin with, but a product that will help you look a little more buffed up can go a long way. Try Phytomer Seatonic Body Firming Cream and you’ll be thankful.

2. For a picture-perfect top-knot, no hair should be out of place. Use Leonor Greyl Structure Naturelle to comb your tresses into submission.

3. Ballerinas always have that polished, feminine thing down to a science, so feel free to borrow a makeup trick or two. Opt for soft pinks on your lips and cheeks and a swipe of black mascara. If you prefer to look a little more done-up, a simple line of winged eyeliner can have you ready to claim center stage.

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