Certain beauty products look the same on everyone – no matter what your skin condition or coloring is like, just about any lady can benefit from the same mascaras, liners and lip balms.

That being said, it’s also true that women should select certain skincare items based on the specialized qualities their individual complexions require, which means it’s not always true that what works for your friend is a good match for you.

“Everyone has different eye issues, so one size does not fit all,” New York City dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas told Marie Claire regarding the vast variety of eye creams on the market.

The news outlet recommends gel-based products containing caffeine to ease puffiness, as heavy creams can exacerbate the situation. Meanwhile, those with dark circles should use products that contain lightening agents such as vitamin C.

Those with fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes can benefit from a moisture-rich product that can help minimize the appearance of aging. Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex contains lipids to improve the tone and texture of skin.

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