When you’re tired, you might that that with a little coffee and a bright shade of lipstick, you can perk yourself right up. However, your eyes are probably giving away the fact that you’re not completely awake. Here are some tips to wake those peepers up, according to Allure Magazine.

1. Use a beige liner on the inner rims of your eyes. This trick can make the whites of your eyes appear larger, which effectively makes your eyes appear bigger overall and more open. Try an Eye Pencil in Taupe.

2. Conceal undereye circles. Yellow-toned concealers help to make purple-ish circles fade away, so choose a very blendable cream concealer that can mask the problem. Use a few strokes of a Dermablend concealer to cover the circles, then dot it along your lower lash line and blend.

3. Curl your lashes. Many women don’t think to curl their lashes in the morning, which probably explains why lots of them look tired! Curling your lashes makes your eyes look wider and more awake, so grab that curler and go to town.

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