Women may be hesitant to take beauty advice from Courtney Love, and rightfully so. The Hole frontwoman is notorious for her manic and messy punk-rock style. However, the singer recently spoke to Style.com about her new beauty regime.

“I am the smoker and the curser, but I am trying to learn about taking care of myself,” Love told the news source. Her first step? Replacing her signature dark makeup with lighter cosmetics.

Love also tends to her skin. While she credits her great complexion to good genes, the blonde rocker also relies on a few products, such as Karin Herzog‘s Vita-A-Kombi, to help her skin retain that youthful glow.

While the product is available in three different levels containing either one, two or three percent oxygen, Love recommends level three, which is formulated to treat specific skin problems, such as spots, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.

Ladies may want to heed Love’s advice, as it seems that her new beauty philosophy is working.

“I have friends that are growing old and freaking out and I am, like, getting hotter,” she told the news outlet. “I have been getting a lot of praise for looking good lately.”

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