While some women keep a few go-to beauty products in their car and others carry a small cosmetic case in their purse, ladies who spend the majority of their time at the office may want to stash a few necessities in their desks.

Though there are a seemingly limitless amount of products on the market, not all are necessary to keep in your workspace. But a few items – dry shampoo, lip balm and black eyeliner – may be worth storing.

“My fine hair tends to go limp after a few hours, and [dry shampoo] give my roots a shot of volume,” Allure editorial assistant Sophia Panych told the publication. “And on days when I skip shampooing, it’s necessary that I have one of these to soak up oil and keep my hair looking refreshed.”

Lip balm is another key item, as we have yet to find a lip color that looks good on cracked, flaking lips. A multi-tasking lip balm, such as L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter Apricot Flower, will moisturize your pout and can also hydrate peeling cuticles and dry hands and feet.

Finally, analysts at Allure recommend keeping a black eyeliner pencil nearby, as lining your lower waterline is a quick way to brighten tired eyes.

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