Sometimes, grabbing the same old mascara day after day just doesn’t cut it anymore. When you want to make a bold statement with your lashes, it’s a good time to experiment with new products and techniques. Here’s how to get the most gorgeous lashes you’ve had in a while, according to Marie Claire magazine.

1. Choose a mascara that’s right for you. This means picking a flattering color and formula. Black looks great on most people, but fair-haired ladies may want to go brown for an effect that’s less harsh. Lengthening Mascara has plenty of colors to choose from.

2. Get more crimp by heating up your lash curler. Just holding it under your blowdryer for a few seconds is enough to give your lashes major curling power.

3. Add volume by layering loose translucent powder on top of your lashes, then sealing it in with another coat of mascara. This will also help to blend in any fake lashes you decide to include with your natural fringe. Youngblood – Natural Mineral Foundation should do the trick.

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