Move over, pencil-thin eyebrows: bold is back. Though you might have been too scared to rock this trend, it’s time to embrace it. Not only have runway models and celebs alike been sporting thicker shapes, but the style can be incredibly striking and truly eyebrow-raising. Still hesitant to let them grow out for fear of giving up your neat look? Just follow these simple tips for full, polished brows.

First, you need to figure out what brow design is best for your face shape. For example, round faces look better with a high arch, while flatter, horizontal shapes look better on long faces.

Next, Cosmopolitan magazine explained that it’s crucial to groom your brows with a brow brush. Brushing in an upward moment will emphasize a high peak. Next, use a neutral colored brow pencil to fill in and define the shape. When choosing a shade, it can be helpful to mix colors. Allure magazine explained that darker hues help to emphasize the arch at the center of the brow, while lighter colors are great for softening up the shape at the outer edges.

Cosmopolitan noted that drawing upward results in a far more natural look because that’s the direction that your hair grows in. Keep building the pencil until the color is as bold as you’re willing to make it. Allure recommended applying the pigment more heavily on the outer two-thirds of your brows. Finally, pick up your brow brush again and graze it gently across the hair to soften the pigment.

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