Whenever you find the perfect makeup product, it’s a good idea to buy a couple. After all, You never know when that lipstick or mascara might be discontinued. However, Allure magazine reports that even unopened products can go bad if left for too long. Here’s how long each product can typically last.

1. Lipstick. An unopened tube of lippy can last for about two years. If you found the perfect shade of Lip Colour, there’s no shame in buying a few!

2. Pencil eyeliner. These pencils last for two or three years before the colors start to fade and application gets messy.

3. Concealer. If you find the perfect formula that blends seamlessly over your blemishes, like Youngblood – Ultimate Concealer, you can stock up and keep them for two or three years.

4. Mascara. This stuff expires a bit faster, after 12-18 months. It might not be a good idea to buy several tubes? at once, but if you do buy extra, store it in a cool, dry place.

5. Fragrance. Like mascara, this doesn’t last for that long but if you go through bottles quickly, you can save yours for about a year and a half to two years.

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  1. Love all these fabulous info, Ty so much. If its all right with you I would love to post Tips for stocking up on your favorite makeup products on my blog, Ty *+*

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