After you say “I do” and head to the reception, you’ll likely have a clutch in which you can store a few necessities. And while you may want to keep a large variety of makeup with you (a cosmetic security blanket, of sorts), reveals that brides only need to carry three beauty products on their big day.

Gals should make sure to bring lipstick – even long-lasting lip color is bound to come off during the wedding whether you’re greeting relatives with a kiss hello, sipping champagne or smooching your sweetie, the news source reports.

Blotting papers are also a must-have. They are quickest way to eliminate shine and is more stress-free than powder – you won’t have to worry about a cakey complexion or pigmented residue ruining your dress.

While blotting papers reduce shine, gals should also carry a small tube of concealer in case a minor (or major!) problem area needs a bit of extra coverage.

To make sure your face will look flawless, apply a bit of the concealer a few days before your wedding and snap some photographs. Study the pictures closely – if you can tell you’re wearing makeup, select a different shade!

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