Glitter is still a chic option despite the fact that it has an unfortunate reputation for being a pre-teen favorite. While it’s generally not a good idea to dab it on your cheeks or use it to add sparkle to a hairdo unless you’re at a costume party, it’s totally appropriate on your eyes for special occasions. Here are the top three tips for rocking eye glitter.

1. Keep it small. When you’re shopping around for a good glitter, you should pay special attention to the size of the flecks. Avoid dots that look chunky – instead, opt for small ones that are practically non-existent. This will give you a nice shimmer and help you avoid a weird, spotted look.

2. Make it stick. Glamour magazine’s beauty blog recommends prepping your eyes with a primer and a cream eyeshadow before applying glitter. This will make sure that your eye makeup doesn’t budge, and it gives a stickier surface for the specks to adhere to.

3. Protect your face. Glitter can be a bit messy, and once it gets somewhere, it’s hard to remove. Be sure to keep the glitter off of your face by protecting it while you’re applying the eye makeup. Hold a tissue underneath your lower lashes to catch any that falls. If some does, use a damp cotton swab or ball to wipe it up.

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