December 29, 2011

Top Nail Trends Of 2011

Now that 2011 is coming to a close, it’s time to review the year in terms of nail fashion. It was a huge year for nail polishes, glitter and funky shapes, as you probably noticed by looking at what was going on with celebrity manicures and the fingertips of ladies in your social circle. Here are some of the best looks and ideas from 2011, which will totally keep working in 2012.

1. Ombre nails. Celebrities were all about this trend, which can work in two different ways. It either involves painting each finger’s nail a different color in the same family of shades, or painting each nail with a gradual color-change. For example, the tops of the nails near the cuticle was light blue, while the tips were dark blue. You may need to call in a professional for the individual ombre nail, but doing your manicure using several different polishes is easy with the variety of choices in Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers.

2. Glittery top coats. Dazzling sparkles were working on any nail polish color this year, from ruby red to flashy silver to multicolored. All it takes is a couple of coats of your favorite shade, then a complementary glitter top coat to add a dash of sparkle. Nailtini – Topper Top Coat has plenty of exciting options to transform any shade.

3. Pointier shapes. Celebrities made bold moves by having their nails filed into sharp points. While it’s not exactly convenient to have small daggers at the tips of your fingers, it’s perfectly acceptable to make your nails a bit pointier than usual. Just file your nails into an oval shape with a slightly domed tip.

4. Festive nail art. Almost every holiday this year came with a flurry of unique nail art, from Christmas-sweater-inspired manicures to Halloween themed nails. All it takes is a few different shades of color and perhaps a friend who’s good at drawing. (It’s tough to do it yourself, especially if you’re not ambidextrous!) In 2012, you might want to start out by giving yourself a fun Valentine’s Day heart manicure or a quirky St. Patrick’s day theme.

5. Mixed up French manicures. French manicures are a classic, but 2011 made them more modern by mixing up the colors. Instead of the muted hues found in French Manicure Nail Colors, ladies were rocking bold shades that embodied the colorblocking trend. Try giving yourself colorful tips to test it out, then experiment with other shades for the undercoat.

6. Nail decals. When you’re not in the mood to paint your nails but you want a stunning manicure, nail decals can come to the rescue. You can find them at drugstores for cheap, and they’re easy to apply. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about upkeep, as they stay on for a while. Although, you may want to use a topcoat like Lippmann Collection Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat to seal it just in case.

7. Milky manicures. Classic milky neutrals were all over the runways this year, and the good news is that they translate well into everyday life. You don’t have to worry about looking too extreme at the office if you have a milky tan shade or a soft pink. Nail Colors have plenty of muted options to get the look.

No matter which trend you decide to rock in 2012, you should stock up on a few different colors of polish. That way, you’ll have everything you need to get started on those new trends that will undoubtedly surface in the upcoming year.

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