Even though you want your lips to be perfectly kissable on New Year’s Eve, winter weather has other ideas in mind. If you’re nervous about whether your lips will shape up by midnight, you might want to take the following healing steps, recommended by Allure magazine.

1. Keep your lips moisturized. From now until midnight, keep your lips hydrated with Lip Balms. Don’t use any medicated moisturizers, as they can irritate and make your lips red.

2. Gently get rid of flakes. Instead of picking any flakes, resist the urge and keep moisturizing. Once your lips are relatively smooth, you can gently buff away rough spots with a wet toothbrush or washcloth.

3. Don’t use lipstick or lip gloss. Even though you want a pop of color for New Year’s, your lips could look become dry and get worse with application. Instead, use a stain like Liptini – Lip Liqueur Lip & Cheek Stains, then top with your moisturizer. No one will be able to tell that your lips are looking less than their best.

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