A day at the beach is all about fun in the sun, but once you get home, you might discover that the sunburned aftermath of your afternoon is anything but pleasant. Ouch! What can you do to stop sunburn in its tracks – or help heal that painful burn fast?

First, it’s all about prevention. Before you hit the beach, it’s crucial to slather yourself in sunscreen from head to foot – literally. Don’t forget the tips of your ears and the tops of your toes, which can turn bright red in no time if you’re fair-skinned. Pick an SPF about 25 for the best protection, and don’t forget to reapply if you hit the waves.

If you’re especially fair, don’t be shamed to add a hat or a top to your beach ensemble. A cute coverup will look great over your bikini – and prevent burns! A floppy sun hat is always fashionable, so pair one with giant sunglasses to look like an incognito celeb.

If you’re already burned, it’s time for a little damage control. Ease your pain with lots of aloe vera lotion. This naturally soothing ingredient will calm your burns and help return your skin to a more normal color. For added refreshment, keep it in the fridge – you’ll be shocked at how relieved you are when it touches your singed skin.

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