Whether you moisturize after every shower or don’t even own a bottle of lotion, you might be noticing that your skin needs a little extra care in the summertime. With the sun shining and the temperature rising, a bit of sunburn is pretty much inevitable – and when that happens, the benefits of quenched skin are undeniable. Dry skin can look dull, wrinkled and flaky, but moisturized skin is dewy, glowing and healthy – and if you want to look beautiful every day, it’s time to start lotioning up. But when’s the best time to moisturize for maximum benefit?

Officially, there is no time of day that’s better for moisturizing, but it is a good idea to apply lotion after getting out of the shower to look in that freshly-washed feel. If you don’t want to put your clothes on over greasy skin, however, you can wait until evening to moisturize, which will give your skin time to rest and absorb all of the thirst-quenching benefits of the cream. For sunburns, skip traditional lotions and use aloe vera gel to calm irritated spots. And don’t forget those lips! A nice balm will help keep them from getting chapped all summer long.

As for your face, it’s best to apply moisturizer after your pores have been prepped. Make sure you select a lotion that’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores and cause acne blemishes. With a moisturized face and body, you can have that summertime glow well past August.

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