Try as we might to delay the signs of aging, it’s hard to maintain the best line of defense without a few expert face-saving strategies. Striving for youthful-looking eyes is especially important to aging women, and it may just get a bit easier with these few simple tips and tricks.

According to, it pays to wear big sunglasses – especially if they’re of the UV 400 variety. Even so, you shouldn’t assume that sunglasses will provide you with the utmost protection, especially since you’re not likely to be wearing them constantly. Be sure to wear sunscreen around your eyes – an SPF eye cream with antioxidants will help protect against the sun’s rays and fight free radicals.

That being said, it pays to follow your common sense beauty routine, as its the simple things that truly do count in the battle against crow’s feet and other unwanted signs of aging. Sleep well, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet and always wear sunscreen (but you knew that already).

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