In a perfect world, we’d all get the required seven to eight hours of sleep per night that we need to look our most beautiful. Life doesn’t always work that way, however, so here are a few ways you can put your makeup to work for you to fake a rested appearance.

A shower will always be one of your best allies in the battle against exhausted looks, but if you don’t have time, use a dry shampoo to lift greasy locks and wash your face with a creamy revitalizing product. Finish with a good helping of moisturizer, as sleep deprivation is a classic sapper of moisture from your skin.

If you don’t normally wear foundation, a tired morning may be a good time to start. You don’t want too heavy of a coverage, however, as too much makeup will only serve to make you more tired. Use a lightweight formula or tinted moisturizer to help even out your skin tone.

Next, engage in a bit of pick-me-up makeup. A bright rosy blush applied liberally to your cheeks will instantly perk you up, and don’t forget to apply a few coats of mascara to open up that gaze. Heavy eyeliner should probably be avoided, but a bit of black liner applied to the inside of your lower lash line could help make your eyes look more awake.

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