The best beauty secrets are the ones that are passed down and kept alive through generations of gorgeous women. Jessica Alba is certainly all the wiser for heeding her grandmother’s advice, which is mostly responsible for that beautiful, healthy glow she’s always sporting.

“Before there was cream blush, my grandmother would apply lipstick on her lips, cheeks and eyes. I still do that today,” Alba revealed to “And my mother always told me to wash my face every night, wear sunscreen during the day and drink plenty of water. It’s simple but I like to think that it works for me.”

Whether you stick to Alba’s old-school methods or invest in a creamy blush for the summer, nabbing a picture-perfect glow is as easy and simple as this tidbit would suggest.

All women will look their best in the summer with a mixture of bronzer and blush. Sweep bronzer that’s a shade or two deeper than your natural skintone along your cheekbones, temples, browbones and forehead (all of the areas on your face that naturally get the most sunlight) and add a touch of rosy color to the apples of your cheeks. The result? A natural, healthy glow that’ll be your biggest beauty ally this season.

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