Everyone’s got her own beauty shtick, and it follows that the leading ladies that look the most consistently gorgeous are probably the ones whose advice we’d heed. In that vein, Eva Mendes recently revealed her very strong opinions regarding facial makeup, which is bound to make a few of us reconsider our morning makeup routines.

“What I tend not to do, specifically in the summertime, is cover any shine with powder,” Mendes told StyleList.com. “I’d rather look a little shiny and look fresh in that way, than trying to cover it. I’m very anti-powder, especially when it’s a little humid out. That’s when blotting papers are really helpful.”

For any other ladies out there who are unhappy with their pressed powder compacts, there are a number of alternatives for controlling shine in the summer, including blotting papers – as Mendes mentioned.

If you’ve got an especially extreme case of oily skin, a serum applied together with your moisturizer should help keep those T-zones under wraps. Average cases of shiny skin can benefit from the right moisturizer (always buy skincare products according to your skin type). If you’ve tried all of these things to no avail, consider substituting your normal foundation for a primer and tinted moisturizer instead.

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  1. I have such an oily skin, which I hate the most because of my busy schedule that i just can’t always go to restroom and wash my face. Thankfully, I have blotting paper that does “controlling shine” especially this summer where it is so hot and sticky. By the way, your blog is absolutely for every girls who wants to know what makeup. I love it.

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