Many women view a trip to the salon as a treat, but for women who dye their locks, hair appointments can be absolutely necessary – without regular maintenance, color can fade and roots can grow in.

Unfortunately, finding time to get to the salon can be tricky. Instead of throwing on a hat or using a risky at-home touch-up kit, open up your cosmetic case and get ready to give your hair color a boost and wave goodbye to grays.

“Standard facial cosmetics – lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara for eyelashes and foundation lotion – can deliver instant hair highlights,” The Bellingham Herald reports. And while these products wash away with shampoo, they are ideal for a quick fix.

Dampened eyeshadow and mascara easily coat strands with natural-looking color, which can be ideal for women who want to hide gray hair or touch-up their roots. However, if you plan on using the same makeup on your face and your hair, consider purchasing disposable applicators to keep from spreading bacteria.

Lipstick and lip glosses work as well, but these products come in shades that are better suited for creating highlights than for mimicking your natural color.

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