Women are constantly figuring out ways to make their looks last, but it seems that one question that remains unanswered is how to keep mascara from running – until now. According to Oprah.com, runny mascara may be a result of a poorly planned process and application, but it is simple to fix.

“Your problem might be that you’re applying too much eye cream, or that it’s too close to your lashes, or that you’re not allowing enough time between the application of eye cream and mascara,” celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the news source.

Ladies can consider switching to a nightly eye cream that is applied before bed, and thus won’t interfere with their makeup application, or wait until the formula is absorbed completely before brushing on mascara.

When applying mascara, industry expert Ross Burton recommends coating the lashes from base to tip, as applying the product just to the ends of the fringe can weigh down lashes and leave makeup deposits on the skin.

Burton also suggests dusting lashes with a bit of loose powder, as the powder will help your lashes hold onto the mascara.

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