By the time you’ve entered your nightcap phase, all bets are out the window that you’ll show up to work the next morning with any semblance of normalcy. For those of you who have accepted this as truth, however, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to settle.

The right makeup and recovery strategy can conspire to help you look as fresh-faced as ever the morning after, which may just wind up having an effect on how you feel, too – which is starting to look less and less like a Mack truck collision.

Before heading to bed, you should always drink a healthy dose of water. Alcohol dehydrates you, which contributes a lot to that sallow, tired-looking mug you wake up with in the morning. Acting preemptively can help lessen these effects.

As for your makeup routine, recommends using yellow-based foundation “to absorb the redness of broken capillaries.”

With your usual touches of blush, rosy lip tint, mascara and shadow, you’ll be the walking picture of the hangover cure.

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