Everyone grows up with the sunscreen mantra, so much so that it is an ingrained practice in our culture to always lather up when poolside or beachside. But how many of us are aware of all those other moments we spend in the sun?

Time spent tanning generally has less of a damaging effect on skin than the cumulative moments we spend in the sunlight with no protection, according to StyleList.com.

“Those five minutes you take to run across the street to get a sandwich during lunch time…add up to age you the most,” New York dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson told the news source.

For this reason (and so many more), people everywhere should work it into their practice to wear a moisturizer every day with an SPF factor of at least 15. When you get into the habit of applying protection before you even leave the house each morning, you’ll be doing so much more to protect your skin during all of those moments you tend not to think about.

For extra protection, get into the habit of wearing SPF 15 chapstick and even all-over sunscreen on a day-to-day basis.

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