Unless you’re lucky enough to be spending all day lounging beach or poolside, chances are you may run across the small (yet circumstantial) dilemma of when to apply sunscreen to your face.

If you don’t wear makeup, it’s a no-brainer. As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to apply sunscreen at the beginning of each day and to keep reapplying it if you’re swimming in water or if you’re out in direct sunlight for more than a couple hours at a time.

As for everyone else, it’s generally advisable to put on sunscreen right after you apply moisturizer and before you put on any foundation or makeup.

Lots of moisturizers come with SPF already built in to the formula, as do some foundations, however. Many women find this a more desirable choice, if only to cut back on the number of products they have to apply during the rushed morning hours. Just be sure to follow up with an SPF chapstick or lip product as well as sunscreen for any areas your makeup may have missed.

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