Charcoal is more than just the most critical part of your Sunday barbeque. It is now one of the most trending ingredients in beauty, skincare, hair care products, and it’s all for several good reasons!

The idea of putting charcoal in your hair, on your teeth or your face may not seem very glamorous but wait till you hear out what you are missing out on.

Charcoal is not a gimmick. It does have some fantastic benefits for hair and skin.

For starters, activated charcoal is like a magnet for dirt. It is so good at drawing out toxins and impurities in the skin and absorbing the oils and pollutants that reside on the skin’s surface. And in doing so, charcoal can help soothe congested skin, draw out blackheads, reduce the likelihood of breakouts and treat signs of aging.

It is also a godsend for limp, flat hair. Regular shampooing can’t get all the dirt out of the hair, and if you don’t have time for regular hair treatments, chances are your hair is in dire need of some deep cleansing and a lot of TLC. Well, activated charcoal can deliver on all counts. It gives bounce and body to hair, while also remedying a variety of scalp conditions including itchiness, dryness, and dandruff.

However, when using charcoal-based products, it is necessary to follow-up with a soothing moisturizer to help the skin heal faster. Also use a good sunscreen, to prevent hyperpigmentation. Charcoal draws out excess oil and exfoliates so these precautionary measures can help safeguard the skin from any potential side effects.

All in all, charcoal does your body a lot of good.

Here, we have selected some of the hottest charcoal base products and skin treatments that will leave you with cleaner skin, clearer underarms and whiter teeth. Are you ready to get rid of dirt, impurities, chemicals, and toxins from your body?

GLAMGLOW – Supermud Clearing Treatment – $59

This cult-favorite mask has supernatural abilities to gently exfoliate and clean pores.


The first thing you’ll notice is the smooth, almost silky texture of the mask. It feels great to put, and despite its vacuum-like capabilities, it isn’t goopy, sticky or difficult to use in any way. Apart from charcoal, the Supermud also contains peppermint plant, aloe vera, cucumber and other herbs, as well as salicylic acid. This makes it an all-rounder of skin treatment, especially for those suffering from the complications of oily, acne-prone skin.

Use this mask weekly, on the entire face or just the problematic T-Zone, and its bye-bye congestion, blackheads, and breakout.

Lavanila – The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask – $26

If you’ve been trying to stop using the usual aluminum-based deodorants, this product is a godsend for you. It is a potent blend of malic acid, silica and of course, charcoal, designed to detox the underarm area fixing skin coloring and odor issues you may be suffering from.


It is sold as a tube, with a built-in brush. Just brush on some product on your under-arm area. Thanks to the patent brush design, the application is quick and convenient. Wait 10 to 15 minutes as the gel-like mask continues to draw out the impurities and toxins from the skin. Afterward, wash it off because it doesn’t dry down, making it easy to remove.

The underarm mask helps take care of a significant body part. Also, proceeds from its sale go towards breast cancer research.

Dermalogica – AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant – $59

When you are serious about fighting skin aging, this is the most potent weapon in your arsenal. The AGE Smart Daily Exfoliant is a highly-active skin resurfacer that will combat the effects of biochemical and environmental factors that trigger skin aging. And you’ll be left with super smooth skin. That’s pretty much all we want at the end of the day, right?


The powder formula gets activated when it comes in contact with water. The activated charcoal in it cleans the skin, absorbing any toxins deposited deep within the pores. Other ingredients fortify the defenses of your skin, helping guard it against the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Oh, it’s safe for everyday use.

PETER THOMAS ROTH – Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask -$58

Detoxifying skin with Charcoal doesn’t just control the occurrence and intensity of breakouts, but it also helps improve radiance. For anyone with dull, tired skin, the Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask is a fantastic remedy.


Volcanic ash and activated charcoal are its most essential ingredients, and you will understand why after you’ve used the mask for the first time. The mask is chock full of minerals that heal, detoxify and revitalize the skin while also cleaning the pores and shrinking their appearance.

This mask also has some superb hydrating qualities despite being made from activated charcoal. The Irish moor mud infuses the skin with vitamins and moisture as the volcanic ash revitalizes the skin.

Briogeo – Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo (8 oz.) – $42

The superior cleansing properties of charcoal are just as effective for the hair, as they are for the skin. This Briogeo exfoliating shampoo can do wonders for dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Together charcoal and coconut oil deliver the ultimate exfoliation to your scalp and make it squeaky clean.


This unique shampoo is infused with special Binchotan charcoal that does precisely what charcoal is known for…drawing out dirt and impurities! The shampoo effectively removes dead skin from the scalp and also eliminates product build-up that may be irritating the skin.

We love this shampoo for its soothing and cooling properties. Oh, and did we mention that it is safe for color-treated and chemically-treated hair? It’s pretty awesome.

Arlo Blak – Activated Charcoal Collagen Eye Mask – $25

Under eye area is problematic for many of us. Stress and a tiring, strenuous schedule usually show up as dark circles, that is a pain to hide. Why not try this revolutionary new Arlo Blakeye mask to deal with these issues once and for all?


We’ve already established the fact that activated charcoal delivers deep cleanse like nothing else does. So how does it help in an eye mask?

Well for starters it also as a soothing agent, relieving eye fatigue and helping the skin around the eyes heal faster. Activated charcoal, powered with the goodness of collagen, also promotes blood circulation around the eyes. This mask has also helped alleviate headaches caused by stress and tension. Also, try out the mask just before bedtime for sound sleep.

Beau Brummell – Deep Cleansing Charcoal Face Wash – $25

This dark, luscious face wash is perfect for millennial men in need of a deep cleanse. The activated charcoal is like a magnet for dirt and impurities, working great on the tough manly skin to clean it from the inside out.


With regular usage, it can help reduce blemishes and prevent breakouts. And unlike other men’s face washes, this one doesn’t dry out the skin because of another quality ingredient, the Hyaluronic Acid. Use the face wash twice a day for clean, youthful skin. Oh, and it’s spearmint-scented!