Regardless of what’s compelling you to hold on to your liquid makeup, there’s a growing body of evidence to support the benefits of mineral makeup, and it seems as though they’re not just limited to justifying how healthy and good you’ll look.

According to Reuters, mineral makeup is a great alternative to liquid because it’ll cancel out your airplane anxiety when figuring out what to pack in your carry-on. Yes, it’s fine to bring liquid concealers and foundations – but this way there won’t be any doubt, and you’ll get the combined benefits of three products in one.

“As you know, multitasking products are an important part of efficient packing,” the news source explains. “Typically, [mineral makeup] doesn’t have preservatives or parabens, and it’s pretty high quality stuff. You can use the loose powder as a concealer or foundation by adding a little water and using a specific brush, then fluff powder over the top with a kabuki brush and you are good to go!”

This can apply to virtually any situation, of course – whether you’re trying to trim time off your morning routine or looking for a high-quality cosmetics item that will take up less space in your purse, these minerals have got you covered.

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