If any of you haven’t turned wise to the benefits of a leave-in conditioner or hair mask, let Shameless star Emmy Rossum teach you how to hold your head up high.

Rossum told UsMagazine.com that she loves to use a shine-inducing spray for her hair. “Even if my hair just gets really dry, it masks any dryness,” Rossum told the news source. “I like to sleep in conditioner. I find that really restores dry hair. So those are my little tricks.”

Leave-in conditioner is the perfect beauty aide for ladies with curly or frizzy hair, making hair more soft and manageable throughout the day by packing an extra punch that most standard products simply don’t carry.

If you’re looking for something extra special with which to treat your tresses, a luxurious hair mask can take care of your needs in a most intoxicating way. A creamy formula, such as L’Occitane Ultra Rich Hair Cream Mask, is perfect for restoring moisture and shine to your locks.

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