We realize by now that some of you have only been hearing about how bright, vivid lip colors are making their mark this season, leaving you with the sense that the other shoe is about to drop. If you had that feeling, you’re definitely correct – as with so many popular trends, there’s often an opposite obsession that makes its debut at around the same time.

This spring? Nude lip colors are also much sought-after items. Lest you be fooled, however, that just because these are understated tones, we thought we’d offer some advice to set you up with the perfect pink, peach or beige.

Accoding to Allure.com, champagne-tinted lipsticks are best for those with fair complexions, as the goal is to warm up your natural lip color. True beige and pinkish nude is great for medium-toned gals, who look ravishing in either rosy or caramel-toned palettes. Dark-skinned ladies should avoid the pink and go for brown-based colors.

That’s all good if you’re looking for a natural-looking shine to your pout, but some women want to take this idea all the way and go for a slightly more muted mouth. For a more dramatic nude lip, apply a small touch of concealer to your lips and top with sheer or tinted balm. And if you’d like to experiment with different shades, just try out a new lipstick.

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