For a look that shouldn’t make you appear much different than your natural self, there are so many ways to pull off a nude makeup style, especially if you’re yearning for some versatility in your morning (or evening) routine. To help you navigate the sea of flattering, effortless choices, here’s a quick pocket guide that will assist you in making up your mind as well as your face.

For your glow

There’s so much that goes in to having great skin, but most of it can be explained rather simply. Eat well, stay well-rested, drink plenty of water and get your weekly dose of fitness. As the largest organ on your body, your skin presents a tangible reflection of your body’s health, so great skincare always starts with great youcare.

Beyond that, there are quality skincare products available that will help you slip into your most beautiful skin yet. Remember – the key to a natural makeup look is having a beautiful complexion that speaks for itself. Your skincare routine will ultimately be devised based on your skin type and individual set of needs, but virtually every woman’s regimen should involve a non-drying cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream and any other supplements and serums you might need to target specific concerns.

When your skin is hydrated and healthy, you probably won’t require too much makeup to achieve a flawless complexion, but for whatever problem areas your routine doesn’t correct on its own, using high quality foundations, concealers and powders can help you get that extra boost.

For a timeless, natural look, mineral makeup has been all the rage as of late. Many formulas, such as BABOR Mineral Powder Foundation, are designed to do the work of three products in one, offering unbeatable coverage with a matte, natural finish that conceals as it evens out your skin tone.

Once you’ve got a flawless base, making your complexion pop with some subtle hints of blush and highlighting creams is the perfect finish for a radiant mug. Stick to a cream or powder blush in the rose or peach color family, striving to stick to shades that closely match the tone of your natural glow. Swirl onto the apples of your cheeks and up toward your temple, adding a little to your forehead or nose to finish off a natural sun-kissed glow. Dab a highlighting cream on your cheekbones, temples and browbones to add subtle definition and a romantic dewy glow.

For eyes that sparkle in their own right

Eye makeup is arguably where ladies tend to have the most liberty, so it may be hard to restrain yourself when trying to stick to a nude theme.

Remember, though – a natural aesthetic doesn’t have to look bare, so feather on the mascara and groom those brows as you normally would (structured brows are actually key to pulling off a natural look).

Eyeliner, if used at all, should be kept to natural, neutral tones of brown, navy or gray and applied in short, feathery strokes to the inner lash line and blended softly onto the upper lid.

As for shadows, feel free to play around with any combination of beiges, champagnes, taupes, bronzes and coppers – anything to give your lids an extra pop of shimmer without straying too far from your natural skin tone. If you’re feeling playful, don’t think you need to rule out all the fun – a hint of gold shimmer near your upper and lower lash line will blend right into your tawny look but feature just the right amount of glamour for a night out.

Pout if you want to

As the last (but certainly not the least) part of your makeup routine, lips can be left about as bare as a button or dressed up in a lovely shimmery gloss. Nude makeup looks aren’t the time to break out your bold berry lipstick, but a light lipstain that closely matches your natural coloring will add just a hint of color to your lips without looking overly obvious.

Some nude fashions go for an altogether muted mouth, which is best achieved with a skin-colored lipstick or by applying concealer to your mouth before finishing with a coat of balm or gloss. The result is high-fashion and always chic.

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