Don’t know your eye shadow brush from your kabuki brush? Apply all your makeup with the same budget brand brush you got at the drug store three years ago? It’s time to learn about which brushes are designed for which kinds of makeup – and how you can use them to the best of your advantage. When it comes to your cosmetics, the right brush really can make all the difference – so are you ready to, er, brush up on your knowledge?

To apply powder foundation, pick a short, thick kabuki brush. Soft bristles easily sweep up powder and distribute it evenly over your face for a flawless, airbrushed look that’s tough to beat. Look for a brush that’s largely flat on top for even powder coverage that’ll hide any blemishes or blotches you may have. You can use the same kabuki brush to apply a translucent setting powder when you’re finished.

For your blush or bronzer, pick a smaller brush with a long handle that’ll make it easy to sweep over your cheekbones for a defined, regal look.

Finally, to apply eyeshadow, use an angled brush that will allow you to use different colors along your brow line, crease and eyelid.

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