If you’re wearing a low-cut top and feel like you could use a little extra cleavage to make it work, you don’t have to invest in a push-up bra or get breast implants to look like you’re well-endowed. This little makeup trick is sure to give your girls an extra boost in no time.

First, put on your bra and the shirt you’re planning to wear. You can protect them from loose makeup by tucking in a tissue to cover it. Next, use a bronzer, like Colorescience – Bronzer Brush, in between your breasts. Blend it up and out, creating a V-shape along the curve of your breasts.

Use a lighter colored powder with a subtle hint of shimmer, like GloMinerals – gloDust 24K, and apply to the top half of your breasts, blending well. Check in the mirror to see if you’ve added enough definition. If not, add a little more of the darker colored bronzer.

The key is to blend enough so that the contouring and highlights look natural. Once you get it right, you’ll be surprised how awesome your chest looks!

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