Manicured nails are one of the quickest ways to look more pulled together and refined, but once the polish chips, your stock instantly plummets. Instead of spending each night retouching your talons, take a few precautionary measures to keep your lacquer looking lovely.

While professionals often soak your hands before applying nail polish, celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik recommends skipping this step.

“I understand it at the spa, as part of a relaxing experience. But since the nail is porous, it absorbs enough water to slightly change shape. When it dehydrates and returns to normal, the polish has to contract, making it more likely to chip,” he told Allure magazine.

Bachik also stresses the importance of a base coat, as it will keep polish from staining your nails and will give the lacquer something to adhere to. Finally, apply cuticle oil each night to keep skin conditioned and help nail polish last.

Once you’re ready to paint your nails, select a long-lasting formula, like Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquers. Finish with a clear top coat for further protection, and reapply it every two to three days to prolong your manicure’s life.

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