Break-ups are never easy, but they happen to most women at one time or another. If you recently called it quits in a relationship, you’re probably wondering how to make yourself appear a bit more pulled-together. Teary eyes and blotchy cheeks are pretty much inevitable when you’re mourning a past love, but there are four products you can add to your arsenal to brighten up your look.

1. Highlighter. The stress of a break-up can make your skin appear sallow and dull, but a highlighter can give your complexion the glow it lacks.

2. Waterproof mascara. It never hurts to use a waterproof mascara when the waterworks could turn on at any second. You won’t have to worry about any tell-tale smudges with this product.

3. Inner rim brightener. Using a light-colored eyeliner along your inner rims makes your eyes appear brighter to give your peepers a lift.

4. A fabulous lipstick. Nothing gives you a shot of confidence like a vibrant shade of creamy lipstick. You’ll feel a lot better knowing that you look great as you get on with your life!

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