Rose Byrne is always being featured in beauty blogs as a source of makeup inspiration, so you can pretty much rely on her to showcase trendy looks before they’re popular. While shimmery eyes are nothing new, glossy lids take the sparkly look to the next level, as Rose showed us recently at the Damages season premiere.

According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, the glossy look can be recreated with a shimmer eyeshadow, but it’s best pulled off with an eye gloss that’s meant to make your lids shiny without weighing them down. Jane Iredale – Eye Gloss has several great shades that will nail the effect you’re going for.

When you’re using an eye gloss, it’s important to prepare your lids beforehand to ensure that the gloss has something to stick to. If you skip this step, you could end up with a lot of product built up in your creases. A foundation primer will work, but an eyeshadow primer may be your best bet for locking that gloss in place.