Now that the summer sun has gone away, women across the country may be looking for ways to add a bit more color to their complexion. However, ladies should be cautious of the amount of pigment they apply to their face.

“Beware of using your summer bronzer, or the result will look as ridiculous as a bikini in a blizzard,” according to Allure magazine. “Instead, pick one that’s no more than one shade darker than your skin tone. Blend it over the apples of the cheeks using a big round brush.”

When applying blush, one of the most important components is a natural-looking application. Your cheeks should appear naturally flushed, not painted with color.

If using a cream formula, Self magazine suggests applying a bit to the plumpest part of your cheek and then using a flat-bristled brush and short, upward strokes to distribute the color.

Powder blush, however, should be applied from the hairline, moving inward – not from the center of your cheek toward your ear – as brushing the pigment down from the highest part of your cheek to the lowest makes for better contouring.

Paula Dorf provides both powder and cream cheek color, as well as Perfect Primer, which can help makeup adhere to the skin and last throughout harsh winter weather.

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