Many women who wear glasses may think that they can’t wear eye makeup, as they are worried that the cosmetics will either compete with or detract from their frames. But a few products may be necessary to help your peepers pop from behind your specs.

Because glasses can obstruct the shape of your eyes, More magazine recommends using black or brown eyeliner to add definition to your stare.

You can also use the shape of your glasses as a guide for the type of makeup you should wear. According to the publication, ladies with square frames, which can give off a masculine vibe, should rock bright lip gloss to add some feminine flair.

Gals who don cat-eyed lenses can mimic the shape of the frame by lining the top lids and smudging the outer corners up.

Finally, mascara will help define lashes, but women should curl their fringe first so that lashes don’t stick straight out and smudge the lenses. Additionally, a waterproof formula is preferable, as it is less likely to leave residue.

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