As skin ages, wrinkles develop and fine lines become more defined. And while many cosmetics can be used on a wide range of faces, there are a few items that more mature women may want to avoid, as they can draw attention to wrinkles.

Lipstick can often bleed into the little lines that form around the mouth. Instead of using an old-fashioned lip liner, you may want to swap the stick for a stain.

“Replace your lipstick with a deep stain topped by lip balm,” Los Angeles makeup artist Molly Stern told More magazine. “The stain won’t move, and the moisturizing properties of the balm will make the stain, which can feel dry on the lips, more comfortable to wear.”

Women worried about emphasizing wrinkles should also cut down on shimmery powder, which can settle into fine lines, bringing more attention to them. But instead of putting down the shimmer forever, the publication recommends using the highlighting powder sparingly on relatively smooth areas of the face, such as the tops of your cheekbones, your chin and your brow bones.

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