When shopping for a lip color, it seems that women often pay more attention to the hue than to the formula. However, the product’s formula could have just as much of an impact on your overall look as the color.

According to Brides magazine, matte lipsticks and stains provide long-lasting pigment (though stains are more subtle) but don’t moisturize. Creams and glosses add color and can hydrate dry lips. But before you slick on your formula of choice, make sure your lips are ready for the specific product.

If you opt for a matte or a stain, it’s important to exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before putting on color, since the products won’t condition your lips.

Additionally, if you are wearing gloss, you may want to buff your pout as well – shiny glosses can make cracked, flaky skin more noticeable. You can skip the balm, however, as gloss can keep your lips from drying out.

“To prevent a cream from rubbing off, prep the entire surface with liner,” the publication suggests. Remember to color in your whole pout – if you simply line your lips, the cream can wear off unevenly, leaving you with a ring of color around your pout.

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