Minimalism is one of the fall’s hottest trends, and designers are creating collections that are a bit more simple, utilizing neutral colors like camel, gray and creams.

“I think all of the heavily embellished looks of past seasons created a demand for a more pared-down and simplified way of dressing,” celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson told

While the look is about simplicity, women should remember that they do not have to don a monochromatic ensemble. In fact, experts recommend adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by donning some bright makeup.

“You can use your makeup or your nail color or your accessories to add color to those neutral tones and add a little personality that’s a little bit more ‘look at me,'” Stephenson told the news source. She added that a bright red or pink lip pairs perfectly with a camel-colored ensemble.

However, refrain from wearing too much makeup, as a multitude of bright hues could overwhelm the minimalist look. If opting for a bold lip color, apply little else than mascara and a nude shimmer on your lids. Conversely, pair smoldering plum eyeshadow with a sheer lip balm.

If you simply must add a bit more color to your look, a bit of dark nail polish can go a long way.

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