When wearing a bold lip color, women are often advised to keep their eyes relatively free of makeup and apply little more than mascara and nude shadow. However, one of film’s hottest starlets, Zoe Saldana, recently proved that some beauty rules are made to be broken.

At a recent event, the Avatar actress rocked a beautiful wine-colored pout, and paired it with smoky plum eyeshadow. Interestingly, the two bold applications didn’t compete with one another – in fact, because Saldana used purple tones on both features, her eye makeup complemented her lipstick, and vice-versa.

Women who want to try out this look may want to follow Saldana and stick to shades of purple, as it’s one of the few hues that looks great on eyes and lips alike. And while bold lip color can often require primer, liner and a long application process, makeup artist Dick Page suggests that a perfect plum-colored pout is exceptionally easy to achieve.

“Vivid plum lips shouldn’t be too precise,” he told Allure. “Skip the liner, dab lipstick on with your finger, then top it off with plum gloss.”