One color that’s practically synonymous with spring is pink, and even if you don’t consider it ideal on your pout, it’s worth sporting during this season. Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr recently showed that this hue is perfect on any day of the week, even in casual situations, according to

A photo she published of herself on Instagram showcased her pout in a bright shade of pink, smiling wide. Kerr complemented the hue on her lips with a subtle pink blush on her cheeks. Even though she’s a professional model, Kerr’s look is one that anyone can pull off with the right lipstick on hand!

If you don’t think that pink is right for your pout, you might simply need to find the right shade. InStyle magazine claims that one way to narrow down your options is to see how certain colors look on your lips when you smile. Tones that are about the same color as your gums are best.

Another way to ensure that you aren’t wearing a hue that’s too bold for your skin tone is to try it on in bright light. This will give you a better idea of how it will look once you apply it for an entire day. All of these tips can help you look your best!

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