When most of us think of oils, there’s no real desirable aesthetic that comes to mind – at least when it comes to our skin. Traditionally, skin is supposed to be dewy yet matte, and for those of us with over-active oil glands, there’s a whole gamut of products designed to help keep the shine at bay.

However, oils can actually be quite beneficial for the beauty of your skin, especially if you’re striving to get a heavenly, silky glow. According to Glamour.com, body oils help hydrate and create an alluring luster that most standard lotions can’t produce.

“Use them alone on dry skin or mix some with body cream,” aesthetician Antonina Dutu told the news source. “Neroli oil is great for acne-prone skin.”

For an all-over shine that’s unparalleled to most, use a body oil during your normal daily moisturizing routine or pour an essential oil into your bath. Not only does this create a heady atmosphere for your body to sink into, but it’ll leave you with soft, moisturized skin.

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